U.S. intelligence officials have warned that the upcoming midterm elections are under threat, but there may be more concerns down the road as technology becomes even more sophisticated.  CNET senior producer Dan Patterson, who is covering the Black Hat USA hacker convention in Las Vegas, says artificial intelligence (AI) couldRead More →

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted Tuesday that Infowars founder Alex Jones has not been banned from the platform because he “he hasn’t violated our rules.” Dorsey’s announcement after Apple, Facebook and YouTube earlier this week removed some content from Jones and Infowars.  In a series of tweets, Dorsey wrote thatRead More →

A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship carrying three tons of equipment and supplies, including super-caffeinated coffee, fresh fruit and ice cream bars for the astronauts, was attached to the International Space Station Monday after a problem-free three-day rendezvous. The delivery also included a robot called CIMON on a mission to serve asRead More →

Deep in one of California’s few remaining old-growth forests sat an oddity, popular with tourists since the 1880s: a giant sequoia so giant a tunnel was carved in its trunk. Last year that tree toppled over during a storm. It was estimated to be around a thousand years old. ItRead More →